Freedom To Read Week

Yes, books are DANGEROUS. They should be dangerous - they contain ideas.
~Pete Hautman, Author of Godless

woman with books

February 26 - March 4, 2017

Freedom To Read Week occurs every year in order to encourage Canadians to never take their freedom to read for granted and encourage intellectual freedom!

Although Canada is a free country, books and magazines are objected, protested, banned from crossing borders, removed from shelves and challenged across the country. You might be surprised by which of your favourite reads have been challenged. 

We'll be around town on Tuesday, February 28th. See us at:

  • YMCA (204 Downie St.) at 10am
  • Strrtford Festival Marketplace (1067 Ontario St.) at 12 noon
  • The Local Community Food Centre (612 Erie St.) during their EPIC social justice club, which runs 2:30-4pm

We'll be reading excerpts from our favourite banned books and talking about Freedom to Read! Come listen, chat, and maybe check out a banned or challenged book to enjoy. 

Banned and Challenged Works

Personalized Book Selection

Wondering what to read next? Unsure how to 'discover' new and interesting materials to read? During Freedom To Read Week, we'll set you up with a list of books that have been banned or challenged. Fill out our short form and get sent a list of things we think you will like based on your tastes! 


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