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Staycation Vacation Performance Series

Travel the world this summer from the comfort of SPL’s auditorium! We will be showcasing performances from around the globe selected Monday afternoons in July and August.  In July we’re heading to Spain,Cuba and England for theatre, music and some Shakespeare, and in August we’ll travel to Madagascar, Italy and Scandinavia for spectacular opera, theatre and dance. (All performances are subtitled in English)

July 9: THEATRE  
The Dog in the Manger, Lope de Vega (Fundación Siglo de Oro, Spain) 2 hr 13 min 
 “The story of Diana, the beautiful and stubborn countess of Belflor who is hassled by various aristocratic suitors. However, one night, when she sees her secretary making love with her favorite lady-in-waiting, she falls madly in love with him and a love triangle begins.

Check out the full listing of this summer's Staycation Vacation Performance Series.

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