Cloud Printing at the Library

Printing just got easier. 

Google Cloud Print

With a free Google Account, you can print wirelessly from a Chromebook or any computer or mobile device with supported apps or within the Google environment (Chrome, Gmail, Google Drive). You can print from anywhere in the library - your print job is sent over the web!  Pick up your print job at the main floor information desk.  Printing is black and white and at a fee of $0.10 per page. 

Step 1:
Log into your Google Account in Chrome.  You must be logged into a Google Account first for printing to work.

Step 2:
Click the link below to add the library's printer available through Google Cloud Print:

SPL Main Floor Printer 10 cents per page

You will be taken to a new webpage.  When prompted click the Add Printer link as shown below:

Google Add Printer screen shot

Step 3:

Press Ctrl-P or choose Print within the Google environment or supported apps.

Step 4:

Select the SPL Main Floor Printer 10 cents per page as the destination within the Google Cloud Print dialog window. 

Once you add a printer to your Google Account, you can Cloud Print to this printer!  You are limited to 15 printed pages per day. If you have and use multiple Google accounts, please remember which account you used to add the printer to, or add the printer to all of the accounts. The printer will be associated with the Google login you used, so in order to printe you have to be logged into that Google account. Once you do this you will be ready to print to the installed printers.

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