Teen Writing Workshop

person writing at a desk

“Using the truth to tell lies – turning the real world into fiction”

If you keep a diary, gossip with your friends, or send 400 text messages a day, you are a storyteller, making observations about the world around you. That is the first step in becoming a writer. Next comes creating believable characters with dreams, flaws, and obstacles. Then, setting a plot in motion through the characters’ actions and stirring up as much trouble as you can think of. Trying out different kinds of conflict as jumping-off points, you can develop a story line that works for you and your characters, whether it is funny, embarrassing, or full of action. In open discussion with peer writers, brain-storm a variety of possible plot twists, just as you might with your own life.

Writing workshops for teens with award-winning author Marthe Jocelyn at the Stratford Public Library

Thursday, March 23, 4-5 pm

Saturday, March 25, 2-3 pm.


(Both workshops will be the same.)



Stratford Public Library