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Gale FAQ

  1. Where can I find course descriptions, requirements, and other information?
    To see a list of all the courses, click on a subject area, and select a sub-subject.

  2. Is there a cost?
    Courses are free to any Stratford Public Library patron with a valid library card. More information on how to get a Stratford Public Library card is available here. 

  3. Do I have to pay?
    No, but after you complete the Account and Student information page and you must click “Continue to Payment Options”.
    a) If you are a returning student: enter your account email and password and then click “Sign in”.
    b) After the payment option you will be prompted for your library card number. Enter your library card barcode and click “Use Library Card”.
    c) You will not be charged for this service.

  4. How do I stay enrolled in the course?
    In order to maintain access to Gale Courses (formerly Learn4Life) courses students must remain active in their courses.  Students who do not access lessons one and two by the Tuesday two weeks after the course start date will be automatically dropped from their courses.  If you are dropped from a course you will be able to enroll in later sessions.

  5. I have enrolled in a course, why can't I access any course material?
    Course materials are not available until the course start date.

  6. How long are the courses?
    Unless otherwise specified, all courses run for six weeks. You will be granted access to two lessons each week for six weeks. Each lesson will be accompanied by a short, multiple-choice quiz, and some lessons may include a hands-on assignment. You are expected to try and complete each quiz and assignment within two weeks from when the lesson is released. The course will conclude with a final exam. You will have two weeks from the last lesson and final exam to complete your studies and submit the final exam.

  7. What happens if I have a question during the class?
    Each of the lessons is accompanied by an interactive discussion area. When you need help with a lesson, all you have to do is post your question or inquiry in the appropriate course discussion area, where the instructor, his or her teaching assistant, or one of your fellow students will respond.

  8. How do I cancel a course once I have registered?
    You don't need to do anything.

  9. Is there a limit to how many times a course can be completed?
    No, there is no limit.

  10. Is there a limit to how many courses can be taken per year?
    You may take an unlimited number of courses per year.