Let's Do It!

Beating the Winter Blues edition

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Beat the Winter Blues

Let's beat the winter blues and try something new! All programs are free and will be held in the Stratford Public Library Auditorium. No registration required unless otherwise noted below. 

Wednesdays, 6:30-7:30pm

Tag us @SPLibrary, #letsdoitspl to connect online.

February 8 - Good Eating   TIME CHANGE - 7-8pm
We eat every day so why not learn how to choose meals that are beneficial to us? Join us to learn all about healthy eating with Dietitian Amanda Mulder.  (must register - rgodfrey@stratfordcanada.ca / 519-271-0220 x132)

February 15 - Bath Bombs
Time to bomb the blues away! We will be creating some DIY bath bombs that you can take home.  (must register - rgodfrey@stratfordcanada.ca / 519-271-0220 x132)

February 22 - Warm Fuzzies 
Cute critters will be coming to visit us from the Stratford-Perth Humane Society.  Not only will you be able to get all your fuzzy cuddles in which is sure to lift your mood, you can adopt them if you fall in love.

March 1 - Hypopressive Technique
Learn about Hypopressive Technique with Marilyn Holmes, BSc,PT, FCAMPT,CAFCI (Core Pelvic Floor Breathing).  Hypopressive exercise is a type physical therapy that can be done at home once the appropriate technique is learned.

March 8 - Bullet Journaling 101
Bullet Journaling is an organizational and diary method that combines creativity, lists, and your thoughts all in one place.  (must register - rgodfrey@stratfordcanada.ca / 519-271-0220 x132)