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We use many social media platforms to better serve the community. We have thousands of fans and followers, join us today!

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Allows users to create a profile, connect with other users, post messages publicly or privately to varying audiences, upload photos and create events (and much more)! An excellent service if you like to stay connected to people all over at all times.

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Allows users to send and read messages up to 140 characters. If you want up-to-the-second news this is the platform for you.

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Think of Pinterest as a big corkboard (but much more organized) - you pin webpages to individually designed boards. Have a project in mind? Start here by creating a board for your kitchen renovation, to-read list, or wedding plans.

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YouTube is for sharing and viewing videos. Here you can watch music videos, funny homemade movies and more. If you want to share your own film it’s easy to upload and share.

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An online photo-sharing forum that allows users to upload and share images that have been edited using a variety of filters.

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