Two boys working on a robot

STEM Village

Where students develop skills for today's changing world. 

What is STEM Village?

Do you want to help your child do better in science, technology, engineering and math? STEM Village is a fun way to make sure your student is keeping up in these important subjects for the new knowledge economy.

Parents and teachers can create accounts for students (or themselves!) for guided learning in STEM concepts. Students are guided through skill development paths in math, science, and technology for their age/grade level, but can also explore freely to any skill as well as discovery topics in engineering, data analytics, robotics, and many other emerging STEM fields. Students learn the skills using leading-edge web tools, games, and videos and are quizzed on their skill mastery using a user-friendly question engine. Math and science skills are currently mapped to the Ontario grade 5-8 curriculum, with new levels being added continually over time.  Parents can monitor their child's progress through a personalized dashboard. Parents can also set custom rewards at progress levels.

Get Started with STEM Village

How to Set Up Your STEM Village Account

Parents or Teachers need to set up the STEM Village account for their students first, and then children are able to access the content on their own.

  1. Click HERE or on the logo above to visit the STEM Village website.
  2. Register yourself as a Parent / Teacher by clicking Sign Up.
  3. You will receive a verification email.  Click on the link in the email to activate your account.
  4. On the parent / teacher dashboard, you can add student(s) and select their password(s).  It is important that your child remembers both their username and password so that they can sign into STEM Village.
    Parents / teachers can view progress, and incorporate personalized rewards for students as they learn new skills.  However, in order to view the actual learning modules, parents will need to sign-in through a STUDENT account.

If you already have a paid personal STEM Village account, you can begin to access it for free through the library:

  1. Existing parent and student users will need to INDIVIDUALLY sign-in through the library link in order to be associated with the library.  An existing student account will not be automatically associated with the library when their parent signs in through the library link.
  2. Once each individual student has signed in once through the library link, they can continue to use the library link as above, or they can sign-in directly through STEM Village.

For more help getting your account set up, contact the library or visit the STEM Village website