Stratford Public Library building

Library Staff

Julia Merritt

Photo of Library Director, Julia Merrit
Library Director & Chief Executive Officer
519-271-0220 x110
Julia is responsible for the library's overall planning, direction & communication. She is also the Library Board Secretary and liaison with the SPL Foundation.

Wendy Hicks

Photo of Deputy Director, Wendy Hicks
Director of Public Service
519-271-0220 x111
Wendy manages general customer or library materials and content inquiries; she is also responsible for human resources and oversees library programs.

Krista Robinson

Photo of Systems Librarian, Krista Robinson
Systems Librarian
519-271-0220 x112
Krista is the computer systems and technology administrator for the Library and Perth County Information Network (PCIN). She is also responsible for library building concerns and oversees marketing, the MakerSpace and technology programs.

Robyn Godfrey

Photo of Robyn Godfrey
Adult Collections and Outreach Librarian
519-271-0220 x132
Robyn develops and delivers innovative programming for adults, and manages the diverse adult collections on the main floor of the library.

Sally Hengeveld

Photo of Sally Hengeveld
Children & Teen Collections and Outreach Librarian
519-271-0220 x131
Sally conducts class visits and coordinates teen library programs. She manages the teen and children's collections at the library.

Stephanie Park

Photo of Stephanie Park
MakerSpace and Marketing Librarian
519-271-0220 x123
Stephanie maintains the library's online presence and manages digital and print marketing. She also provides technology programming and coordinates the new makerspace.

Trish MacGregor

Photo of Trish MacGregor
PLOW & Children's Program Coordinator
519-271-0220 x140
Trish coordinates programs for Public Library on Wheels (PLOW) and engaging new children's programs for Stratford Public Library. She also oversees SPL's Summer Reading Club.

Shauna Costache

photo of Shauna Costache
Public Services Supervisor
519-271-0220 x114
Shauna oversees the staff who help library customers every day. She works with library staff to provide a great customer experience at the library.

Melanie Kindrachuk

Photo of Melanie Kindrachuk
Public Service Librarian
519-271-0220 x128
Providing professional, innovative reference and reader's advisory service, Melanie connects the community to our collections and services on both the adult and children's floors. Melanie also supports community book clubs by ordering multiple copies of clubs' desired titles via our interlibrary loan service.

Heather Lister

Photo of Heather Lister
Public Service Librarian
519-271-0220 x 145
Providing professional, innovative reference and readers' advisory service, Heather connects the community to our collections and services on both the adult and children's floors.