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Five young women dressed in superhero outfits.

Digital Escape Adventures

Explore a different digital escape room once a month. You can play by yourself or with your family and friends from the comfort of your home, at any time. 

Every month will feature a unique adventure in the worlds of your favourite books and movies!

May 4th - STAR WARS ESCAPE: Escape from Star Killer Base

The Rebel Alliance needs your help! The mission is tricky though. You will need to infiltrate a First Order Star Destroyer ship that is stationed above Star Killer Base. Once on board, your team needs to figure out where the First Order is building their battle starships. A series of unlucky events get you locked in the control room. Will you be able to escape before Kylo Ren senses you with the powers of the Dark Side?

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You and your friends are demigods training at Camp Half Blood. Each of you is the child of a particular ancient Greek god or goddess. Things seem to be going great, and you decide to have a night of fun away from the camp. You can easily sneak away to an ancient site filled with temples dedicated to the gods and goddesses. But it seems the evil Titans are using the temple as a place to plan a war on both gods and humans alike!

The Titans decide to lock you inside the temple where you were hiding so that you are forced to see what happens to the world when the ancient gods and goddesses are defeated. You MUST escape! You need to get out of the temple and warn the Olympus gods and goddesses about the attack as quickly as possible!

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March - MARVEL

Only the New Avengers (YOU!) can save the world from Hydra's plans to takeover. Your first mission given to you by S.H.I.E.L.D is to find and decipher the city location of a world-ending doomsday device that is currently being controlled by undercover Hydra agents. 

However, the secret Hydra lair that holds the information goes on lockdown once you and your team walk through the command center door. What now?
Solve all the puzzles to discover and decipher the doomsday device's location while looking for the code to turn off the lair's security measures so that you can escape!

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