The silhouette of a muscular superhero holding the hand of a small child in front of a large yellow setting sun.

Marvel Superhero Quest

Thanos is determined to destroy downtown Stratford and the Avengers are calling on local superheroes (you!) to stop him! Each week, for three weeks, there will be five different challenges placed in the windows of downtown businesses. You must tackle the task on the designated signs (such as riddles or physical demonstrations) and submit the completed challenges to our teen Instagram @SPL.ignite or email them to

Those (of any age!) who complete all 15 challenges over the three weeks will be able to claim an Avengers Ally prize. Also, every challenge you complete and submit is a ballot for the grand prize pack at the end of the game.

How to Play

Week 1 Clues


Every week (Sept 17-Sept 26; September 27-Oct 3; Oct 4-Oct 11) will feature FIVE different challenges for you to complete at various spots around Stratford. The challenges are marked with a large sign labeled Marvel Superhero Quest.

The beginning of the week will feature a clue video that points you in the general direction of the five challenge locations for that week -- based on intelligence from Strategic Homeland Intelligence, Enforcement, and Logistics Division (SHIELD). You are welcome to go to those areas to scout out the challenge signs whenever you are ready. Then, shorter clue videos will be shared throughout the week for specific sites where the challenges are located. You can access the videos on this webpage as the information becomes available from SHIELD or follow our taskforce on Instagram @SPL.ignite. You can also just wander around Stratford to see if any challenge sightings catch your eye.

Once a week has ended, the five challenges will vanish. Then, there will be five new challenges in five new locations around town.


To complete the challenges, you must follow the details on the sign. Each challenge is different since Thanos wants to make this as difficult as possible. You might be asked to unscramble a word or take a picture of something important. You will want to keep your SHIELD communicator (cellphone) with you while you complete the challenges to keep track of your progress.

Completed challenges need to be sent to our taskforce Instagram @SPL.ignite by direct message. You can also email completed challenges to the SHIELD liaison, Brooke Windsor at


EVERYONE can play Marvel Superhero Quest no matter their age and can be eligible for prizes. In order to be eligible for prizes, players need to fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Grand Prize Pack: This prize is awarded at the end of the game (on October 12th) and is based on a random draw. Every challenge that you complete is a ballot in the draw for the prize pack that includes Downtown Dollars, gifts from local businesses, and more!

Runner-Up Prize Pack: This prize is awarded at the end of the game (on October 12th) and is based on a random draw. Every challenge that you complete is a ballot in the draw for the prize pack that includes Downtown Dollars and gifts from local businesses!

Avengers Ally: If you complete ALL FIFTEEN challenges (5 challenges per week for three weeks), you are AUTOMATICALLY awarded an Avengers Ally. This prize includes stickers, buttons, and candy. Just do your duty for SHIELD and complete all the available challenges to score this sweet prize!


Entries MUST be original. You CANNOT use photos or videos taken by others. Whoever submits the photo or video FIRST will be credited with the completed challenge. If you are playing with a friend or family, you will need to take SEPARATE photos or videos to complete the challenges.

You must social distance (six feet away) from other players outside your social bubble when playing Marvel Superhero Quest. This rule means that you might have to wait to access a challenge sign, but it is for everyone's safety.

Please continue to wear a mask when playing the game as well.

Please be nice and considerate to others when playing.

Many local businesses of Stratford have kindly allowed us to put these challenge signs in their exterior windows. Even though you will be outside the business, it is important to be polite to people who are trying to access the business's services and to the business's workers. If a local business reports an individual or a group being problematic, the individual or group will be immediately banned from the game.

If we want to play a game like this again, we will need local businesses to allow us permission for the signs. They might not let us use their location again if players are becoming a problem. Be kind to your fellow superheroes as well as the powerful businesses of Stratford!

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All ages are eligible for prizes.
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